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The US Navy SWO Jacket is now available at US Wings.  Qualified Surface Warfare Officers (SWO) are being issued this brand new U.S. Navy SWO jacket. Like the Naval Aviators iconic G-1 Flight Jacket, the SWO community now has its own. This unique leather jacket will be easily identified.  Those wearing it are part of a long lineage of professional ship drivers and maritime warfighters according to Vice Adm. Richard Brown, commander of Naval Surface Forces.

The U.S. Navy SWO Jacket itself is very similar in style to the U.S. Navy G-1 Jacket.  In contrast, it has three primary differences.  It has a leather collar instead of a fur collar.  Its made from premium full-grain drum-dyed cowhide instead of goatskin. Furthermore it is black instead of dark brown.

U.S. Navy SWO Jacket features:

  • 100% Cowhide Leather
  • Drum Dyed Leather
  • Button-thru patch pockets with hidden pen pocket under left pocket flap.
  • Inside Map Pocket
  • Black polytwill lining
  • Bi-swing back and underarm gussets for freedom of movement
  • “USN” perforated on wind-flap
  • Color: Black
  • Fit: Military (Trimmer in shoulders and torso. For a more normal size or if you have broad shoulders, order a size larger.)


US Wings is proud to be an official subcontractor & supplier of the U.S.Navy SWO jacket. When you order the jacket from us, you can be assured that you will be receiving the same jacket as our Navy officers.  The professional look of this jacket is also ideal for pilots, law enforcement personnel, executives, motorcycle enthusiasts and for casual or semi-dressy everyday wear! Looks great on both men & women!

Made in the USA.

3 thoughts on “US Navy SWO Jacket at US Wings

  1. Chuck Pillette says:

    I just got one of these jackets as a Christmas present and I am very happy with it. The workmanship is as close to perfect as makes no difference, and the fit is exactly what I wanted, a bit looser, and longer than the proper Navy standard, since I am not likely to find myself standing watch on the bridge of even a US Navy scow. Maybe in my dreams, like Walter Mitty:

    But that’s about it for really needing an SWO jacket for anything but everyday, civilian use.

    I live in Germany, and leather jackets here seem to come in three varieties.

    Either you get a jacket purely for motorcycling, with all sorts of foam crash padding, and an aerodynamic hump on the upper back that makes one think of Quasimodo, and a fit that is useless for street wear; I have one of those and it’s very well made, by a German company named Schwabenleder, but there’s no way you can wear it when you are not out riding. (It’s actually meant to zip together with pants, so that you end up with “temper-foam” padding from your shins to your knees to your butt and hips, and from your back to your shoulders and elbows. Try walking around wearing all that!)

    Then there are very many jackets that are some variation on a theme of nostalgia: either some sort of biker jacket, but none actually any use for serious riding, or else some sort of aviator jacket, patches and all, clearly meant for a poser who’d never been closer to a Tomcat than when he was watching dwarfish Tom Cruise faking it as a Naval aviator. Those run from about €200 up to about €500, depending, when it’s impossible to find one without some sort of fussy detailing.

    The high-end jackets run about €800 to over €1,000 here. I guess you pair one with a Mercedes or Porsche convertible, when all we have is a BMW station wagon.

    So I was very happy to happen across this SWO jacket at a very fair price, when the next thing was ordering it in the correct size, albeit not the correct Navy size. All that worked out fine in the end, when I had to wait for the jacket to make its way to Germany by an indirect route that avoided paying 19% Value Added Tax.

    It might be worth thinking about trying to market your jackets in Europe, although that 19% VAT might end up pricing them a bit too high.

    The usual thing for hobby pilots here is either Luftwaffe surplus leather jackets, or else some sort of US-style jacket sort of like this one, but the SWO jacket itself seems to come in as better value for money.

    Anyway, thanks for making such a quality item. Count me as a happy customer.

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