US Wings, Experts at restoring Vintage Leather Jackets

Restoring Vintage Leather Jackets preserves historical and personal treasures. US Wings has skilled craftsmen that can perform expert leather jacket repair.  We can replace cuff and waistbands, linings and G-1 collars.  We also do patch sewing, sleeve shortening, and minor leather and pocket repair.





The family of Lt. Col George Busey Farish entrusted US Wings to restore his bomber jacket.  They sent us the above letter, thrilled with the restoration.



  • Unprotected leather is susceptible to water spotting and/or staining therefore we recommend applying a water and stain protector.
  • Always hang leather jackets on wide hangers and never use wire hangers.
  • If your jacket gets wet, allow it to air-dry naturally.
  • DO NOT blow-dry or put in front of a heater or furnace.
  • Apply a leather conditioner when the leather is dry to restore flexibility.
  • Salt deposits should be promptly removed with a wet sponge. Follow by air-drying.
  • Apply conditioner when needed.



These leather care products will keep your jacket clean, beautiful and soft.

Most importantly Leather needs its natural oils regularly replenished.  Due to exposure to the elements, It will dry out, crack and fade; however, by re-oiling the leather, original color, softness and texture will return.  Consistent  conditioning will prevent cracking and deteriorating as a result a beautiful patina will develop.

Cleaning leather is a delicate and important matter therefore It should be done as a stand alone process:

  1. Scrub the epidermal layers.
  2.  Let the leather dry.
  3. Apply the conditioner.

Established in 1986, US Wings is a veteran-owned business and is an authorized repair facility for the US Military and general public.

For more information please call us at 1-800-650-0659 or go email us at :



6 thoughts on “US Wings, Experts at restoring Vintage Leather Jackets

  1. Matthew A. Nichele says:

    I have a U.S. Wings Naval Aviator’s jacket. The collar is losing its fur. Can this be repaired and if so how much will it cost? Also how long will it take.

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