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With our vast selection of leather bomber jackets in various styles & leather types, choosing what to get can be somewhat overwhelming. We still think it’s better to have too many choices than not enough, but sometimes it’s best to stick with the basics. Our US Wings goatskin leather jackets are among our most popular offerings and is the foundation that US Wings built our business on. Goatskin leather is among the most practical & popular leathers for jackets: it’s light in weight, making it ideal for year ’round wear, while still being one of the most durable leathers available (this is why military leather jackets like the A-2 & G-1 were traditionally made from goatskin). Goatskin also lacks any sort of vintage or antique finish, so it’s equally at-home for either casual or more dressier wear.

Because of this versatility, we wholeheartedly recommend our US Wings Cooper Original Goatskin A-2, our US Wings Cooper Original Goatskin Indy-style Jacket, and our US Wings Cooper Original Goatskin G-1. All of these jackets are made from the finest mil-spec goatskin leather available.

US Wings Cooper Original A-2

The A-2 (the classic WWII USAAF/current USAF flight jacket and our most popular jacket style) features two front cargo pockets with side-entry handwarmers, a snap-down collar, and knit cuffs & waistband.

US Wings Cooper Original Indy

The Indy-style jacket (famously known as the hero’s jacket in Raiders of the Lost Ark and its sequels) features two front cargo pockets with side-entry handwarmers, a pleated action back, adjustable side straps, and plain cuffs & bottom.  “A Cooper goatskin Indy was always the gold standard back when the hobby began. Only a few of us ever got our hands on one”,  as per

US Wings Cooper Original G-1

The G-1 (the iconic USN/USMC flight jacket featured in the movie Top Gun) features two button-flapped cargo pockets, genuine mouton fur collar, bi-swing action back, and knit cuffs & waistband.

You simply can’t go wrong with our US Wings goatskin leather jackets and we stand behind the quality of our Cooper Originals line. In fact, with proper care, these jackets should last you a lifetime. Check ’em out in our Cooper Originals Collection and see for yourself why our goatskin jackets have become such popular classics!


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