US Wings website is now ADA and WCAG Compliant

US Wings website is now ADA  and WCAG  compliant! The ADA is the American Disabilities Act and the WCAG is Web Content Accessiblity guidlnes.  We now have easier accessibility for those with disabilities.

What does it mean?

This creates a standard for accessibility of the internet so people with disabilities can surf the web more easily & efficiently. This makes our site more accessible. Most noteworthy to the blind, visually impaired, motor disabled, people with cognitive disabilities and more.  Look for the blue accessibility symbol floating on every page of our website.  Click on it to tailor your viewing experience to your particular disability.  US Wings website is now ADA and WCAG compliant

Sgt. Hack

SFC David Hack (CEO of US Wings) is visually impaired.  Due to a concussion from a rocket attack in Vietnam, Sgt. Hack developed Critical Vein Inclusion.  Consequently he understands the importance of internet accessibility and he’s happy to make the US Wings website more accessible to those customers who need it.

US Wings

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