Women's Jackets

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Women Air Force Service Pilots (WASP), formed in 1943, headed by famed aviatrix Jacqueline Cochran (who, in 1953, became the first woman to break the sound barrier).
WASPs filled a vital need for military service pilots, during a time when male pilots were needed for combat duties. The WASPs logged over 60 million miles and flew virtually every type of aircraft from trainers to fighters to heavy bombers, often flying them as skillfully as their male counterparts.
In 1984, the Victory Medal was awarded to each WASP, and the American Theater medal was awarded for serving more than one year. In July 2009, WASP members were officially recognized and awarded the Congressional Gold Medal (the nation’s highest civilian honor) for their invaluable service in WWII.
The WASPs were trailblazers, and paved the way for future female USAF pilots. Our WASP Jackets are a tribute to these pioneering aviators.