The Authenticity and Cultural Value of our Vintage Vietnam Military Combat Shirts

I recently came back from a vacation and I brought the grand-kids to a cave near the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, we went camping with the Best Tent and let me tell you that we had a lot of fun. It was a common tourist trap kind of place, trinkets for sale, small geodes on key chains, over priced cave tours. I like seeing this part of America. It is authentic- a gathering spot for those of all walks of life to meet, exchange looks, and smile- because you’re all not working.

I had let my wife, and grandchildren stay longer in the gift shop, a dangerous act but worth the time to nod off a little.

In the parking lot of this cave I saw a Volkswagen Bus… Not sixties vintage like you imagine from Saturday Morning Scoobie Doo cartoons, but one with a harsher angles, from the early nineties I expect. (I am not a VW bus expert). But, VW bus in nature, I expected a hippie… A real life tie die, long hair hippy to come out.

Now I didn’t.

But you know what I did see? I saw a young man and his bride stroll out. I tried to see past the sun glare, but I was pretty sure he was wearing a Vietnam Era, Military Issue Combat Shirt. Like those I sell here. Was it a reproduction, or the real thing? I couldn’t tell from the back, and I couldn’t tell from 70 feet away. But it seemed awfully familiar.

Authenticity is a hard thing to come by, and I know I judged the guy from far away just by the shirt on his back…But why shouldn’t I? Isn’t there value in the authentic? In the historic?

I think there is, and I don’t think it’s a generational thing either. Men young and old want a story, and they want the real thing that goes with that story.

Consider purchasing one of these outstanding military-issue for the young man you know in your life. He’ll treasure it forever. As much as this is a rare find, it’s also a worthy investment. You can get quick cash on the Internet if you’re not currently liquid.

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