Cooper Originals by US Wings a Sign of Authenticity

US Wings cooper original Labels over a us wings jacket

When you order one of our Cooper Original Indy-style Jackets, you may request to have our limited edition 40th Anniversary Cooper Original label to be sewn into your jacket.  Now available at no additional charge (please allow an additional 1-2 days for label replacement).  The Cooper Originals by US Wings are a Sign of Authenticity.  The jackets are available in Vintage Cowhide, Cape Buffalo, Striated Lambskin, or Goatskin leather.  The 40th Anniversary Cooper Original label was created to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the classic 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark, which introduced the world to the character of Indiana Jones and his iconic “Indy”-style jacket. We’ve only created 200 of these special 40th Anniversary labels, so request it while you can!

How to Order

To order an Cooper Original Indy-style Jacket, simply request the 40th Anniversary label in the Comments section of our shopping cart when placing your order. Check out our Cooper Original Jacket Collection to see all of our Cooper Original Indy-style Jackets. Note: special 40th Anniversary Cooper Original label can only be requested for Cooper Original Indy-style Jackets; this label is not available for Cooper Original A-2s, G-2s or G-1 jackets.



US Wings partnered with Cooper for many years, starting in 1986 and ending when Cooper Sportswear ceased production in the 1990s.  Along with the A-2s & G-1s produced was the Indy-style jacket, which was based on an original stuntman’s jacket from the “Raiders of the Lost Ark” movie.  US Wings has produced many Indy-style jackets over the years based on these patterns.  Since original Cooper-labeled Indy Jackets are no longer available we are reintroducing these outstanding jackets in our “Cooper Original” line.  The Cooper Original Limited Edition labels will be a collectors item.  Cooper Originals by US Wings a Sign of Authenticity.

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