CWU-45P NOMEX Jackets at US Wings

CWU-45P NOMEX  jackets are now available at US Wings!

We have a limited supply of Medium and Large size jackets. Currently there is a six month wait for current issue CWU-45P NOMEX (r) jackets from other vendors.  Limit of 1 per customer.  Email inquiries to   A great price at $495.00!   Regular price is $900.00.  These are military Surplus made in the USA.


The NOMEX  CWU-45P Flight Jacket features:

  • Nomex® fire-resistant fabric
  • Manufactured to US Military Specification MIL-J-83388E
  • Berry Compliant. DLA: 87-992-5543. U.S. WINGS® RN: 126811
  • Front zipper closure with storm flap
  • Fully lined double-stitched patch pockets with hook and loop fastener tape closure
  • Fastener tape patch
  • Knit cuffs and waistband
  • Color: Sage Green
  • Fit: Normal
  • Military surplus

 CWU History

First of all the military had a problem with earlier nylon jackets for the reason that the material offered no protection against flames.  They needed a fire retardant Flight Jacket.  Hence in 1972 the introduction of the CWU  Cold Weather Uniform.  It is available in two different weights, the 36/P summer, and the 45/P winter.  It is made of NOMEX (r) fabric, a Dupont product with outstanding thermal, chemical & radiation resistance.  Finally as a result the NOMEX jacket is still issued to USAF pilots today.  Nomex is a flame-resistant material used in garments worn by military pilots, tankers, firefighters, race car drivers, etc.

CWU-45P NOMEX Jackets at US Wings, buy now before they are gone!

For more information call 1-800-650-0659.

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