Flying Tigers Leather Patches

Flying Tigers Leather Patches


NEW ITEM!  Our exclusive state of the art Flying Tigers Leather Patches have the authentic look of handpainted patches but at a fraction of the price!

First of all We have our our world renown resident artist, Jim Harley, handpaint “master” patches.  We  reproduce an exact handmade likeness onto top grain leather.   These patches look like authentic handpainted patches.  As a result these versions are mass produced and offered at a much lower price.  In contrast, our actual handpainted patches laboriously painted one at a time are priced anywhere from $60 to $100+ each.  Furthermore unlike traditional surface silkscreening, the artwork on our Leather Patches penetrates. Furthermore it is bonded to the leather patch during the printing process.

Flying Tigers Leather Patches

We currently offer:

  • 23rd Fighter Group patch
  • CBI patch
  • 9″x9″  23rd Fighter Group  patch
  • 9″x13″ Blood Chit back patch

You can purchase these patches and sew them onto your own jacket.   Additionally you can opt to send us your jacket or purchase a jacket from us and we will sew them onto the jacket for you. Patches are printed in Ohio USA!

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