Shemagh’s can protect you!

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in these times when it’s vital to avoid contact with contagions and isn’t always possible to practice social distancing the Shemagh’s can protect you!  Giving you an extra layer of nose & mouth protection and look stylish while doing so. Wear it in the following ways…

  • Full head, neck and mouth/nose coverage.
  • Can also be worn with goggles for full face coverage.
  • Head and neck coverage only.
  • Mouth/nose and neck coverage only.
  • Neck coverage only.

The shemagh (pronounced “she-mahg”) is the traditional desert head wear used to effectively protect your head & neck from the blazing sun.  The Shemagh’s can protect you!  It’s also been used for decades by military forces operating in arid or jungle environments. In fact, the shemagh is officially issued to British and Australian soldiers for desert warfare. But you don’t have to be a soldier to appreciate this versatile piece of headgear. Protects against sun, blown dust & sand, bugs, and rain. Great for campers, hikers, fishermen, hunters and outdoorsman. You can soak the shemagh in water before wrapping it around your head and neck for extra cooling. It also provides warmth and protection from cold weather as well. You can wear in various combinations of the head, neck, mouth, and nose or be worn with goggles for full face coverage.

Our shemaghs are made where they are worn everyday. They are the genuine article and highly collectible.

Cleaning: Hand wash in cold water and air dry.

The Shemagh Tactical Scarf features:

  • 100% Cotton
  • Size: approx. 42″ x 41″
  • Colors: Green, Desert Tan, Night Camo, Black & White, Black, Red & Black, Black & Blue, Green – Stars & Stripes, Flag – Red, White & Blue, ACU Digital Camo, Urban Digital Camo, & Desert Digital Camo

For instructions on how to wrap a shemagh, go to Youtube and search for “how to wrap a shemagh” (you’ll find numerous videos demonstrating various methods).

For added protection use UNKERS  combat tested, all natural therapeutic Products. A great product in your fight against the COVID-19 VIRUS! (Letter from Unker’s) 

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