Indy Jackets with Left-hand Zippers

Indy Jackets with Left-hand Zippers

After many requests from our customers, we’re now offering European-style left-hand zippers as an option for all of our Indy-style Jackets. These “left-hand” zippers have the zipper pull on the left side, which is common on European jackets, instead of the right side, which is standard on USA jackets. This option is available for each of our Indy-style jackets for an additional $50.  Check out our full selection of Indy-style jackets in our Indy-style Jacket Collection.

Cape Buffalo Indy Jacket

Our Cape Buffalo Indy-style Adventurer Jacket is one of the toughest & most durable jackets we manufacture.  A true adventurer’s jacket, it’s tough enough to handle your next foray into the rugged outback.  Most noteworthy it’s used by the stunt actors who perform in the “Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular” show at Walt Disney World in Florida.   The antique brown cape buffalo leather is also wonderfully soft & rich looking.  It has all the quality & luxury you would expect from a high-end leather jacket.  As well as making it equally appealing to any cultivated, dyed-in-the-wool urbanite.  A US Wings exclusive!

Vintage Cowhide Indy-Style Adventurer Jacket

Vintage Cowhide Indy Jacket

Another popular Indy-style jacket is our Signature Series Vintage Cowhide Indy-style Adventurer Jacket.  It has been out of production for the last two years but is now back in stock! This outstanding jacket has the versatility, functionality and style that all true adventurers look for.   Made from pre-distressed top-grain cowhide from the same tannery that supplied the leather for the on-screen jackets for the fourth Indy Jones movie. This outstanding jacket is made in the USA and received the “Best Leather Jacket” Award from in 2015.

Striated Lamb Indy Jacket

We first produced a “striated” lambskin jacket back in 1985 but this type of jacket has been absent from our current line for quite some time. Our Cooper Original Striated Antique Lambskin Indy-style Jacket starts with the finest Italian lambskins, which are hand-stretched to achieve its unique striated appearance. This results in a wonderfully “grainy” and rugged-looking jacket and no two jackets will look exactly alike.

Dashing through the jungle or racing across the desert, the Indy-Style jackets will protect you from all the elements. Regardless of the leather type, our jackets are not just for “fashion”, but tough enough to stand-up to all your real-life adventurers.


After all, there is a little Indiana Jones in all of us.


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