Leather Jacket Repair at US Wings

 Leather Jacket Repair at US Wings is known for outstanding results.  Why replace when We can repair your favorite leather jacket.  US Wings worldwide Professional Leather Jacket Repair services  includes all brands and types of leather jackets, including motorcycle jackets.  Established in 1986, US Wings is a veteran-owned business and is an authorized repair facility to both the US Military and the general public.

Leather jacket Repair

Over the years, a good leather jacket becomes an old and trusted friend. Don’t throw it out because of a broken zipper, ripped lining or tattered knits.  Our skilled and experienced repair technicians can replace cuffs, waistbands, zippers, linings, and G-1 collars.  Additionallly we sew on patches, shorten sleeves, repair pockets, and minor leather repairs.  Furthermore We repair all types of leather jackets: flight, Indy, motorcycle, vintage, cloth, and even nylon jackets.  US Wings will repair any jacket from any manufacturer. We provide this level of service worldwide.

Professional Leather Jacket Repair Services

  • KNIT CUFFS – $70: Colors: Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Sage Green, Military Gray & Black
  • KNIT WAISTBAND – $75: Colors: Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Sage Green, Military Gray & Black
  • COLLAR (KNIT) – $70: Color: , Sage Green, Military Gray & Black
  • MAIN ZIPPER – $70: Colors: Dark Brown & Black; Styles: A-2, G-1 & B-3
    • For other zippers, please call for a price
    • $100: Color: Dark Brown
    • $125: Color: Golden Brown
  • PATCHES – $15 – $25 per patch (Larger or odd shaped patches may be more. Opening the lining to sew patches will have an additional cost.)
  • LINING – $150: Colors: Standard Brown/Black Lining
    • UNLINED JACKET – Additional $50 (Only charged if your jacket DOES NOT have an existing lining)
    • POLY-FILL LINING – Additional $50: Replace or add a Poly-fill lining to the new lining
  • POLY-FILL LINING ONLY – $90.00 (Poly-fill added to jacket WITHOUT replacing the existing lining)


  • Unprotected leather is susceptible to water spotting and/or staining therefore we recommend applying a water and stain protector.
  • Always hang leather jackets on wide hangers and never use wire hangers.
  • If your jacket gets wet, allow it to air-dry naturally.   DO NOT blow-dry or put in front of a heater or furnace
  • Apply a leather conditioner when the leather is dry to restore flexibility.
  • Salt deposits should be promptly removed with a wet sponge. Follow by air-drying.
  • Apply conditioner when needed.
  • These leather care products will keep your jacket clean, beautiful and soft.

Leather care products


First of all Leather needs its natural oils regularly replenished.  Due to exposure to the elements, It will dry out, crack and fade.  Secondly re-oiling the leather brings back the  original color, softness and texture.  Finally consistent conditioning will prevent cracking and deteriorating as a result a beautiful patina will develop.

For more information on Leather Jacket Repairs at US Wings go to US Wings Jacket Repair.

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