Military Field Jackets

military field jacket

MIlitary Field Jackets as worn by our soldiers and civilians have been part of our society.

Based upon a design by Maj. General James K. Parsons, Military Field Jackets were designed so that they could be worn with both winter and summer uniforms.  The olive drab cotton field jacket known as the OD Jacket was adopted in June 1940.   This was the standard jacket for all Army personnel at the beginning of WWII.This jacket proved to be and inadequate outer garment.  Firstly it thin lining provided poor insulation during cold weather and secondly little protection from wet weather.  Additionally it light shade was highly visible in the field to the enemy.


m-43 military field jacket
M-43 Field Jacket

As a result of these issues, the M-43 was developed. It was made in a darker OD9 cotton sateen. It also has a detachable hood, drawstring waist, two large breast pockets and two skirt pockets.  The M-43 with its long, bulky silhouette set the stage for the adoption of the famous Eisenhower Jacket.  The short wool jacket that fit well under the weatherproof field jacket for further insulation for the troops in cold conditions. While a technically excellent piece of military clothing, the M-43 took far longer than expected to issue and many of its necessary components (the pile liner) rarely made it to the troops who needed them.


Cockpit® USA M-51 Field Jacket

This jacket was issued to the troops up to the Korean War.  It was further improved with the introduction of the M-51 in 1951.  In contrast to the M-1943, the M-51 has a zipper and stud fastenings as opposed to buttons.  Additionally bi-swing pleats were added to the back.  This jacket continued to be issued into the Vietnam War.


m-65 military field jacket
M-65 Field Jacket

In 1965, the M-65 was introduced, hence becoming the the third version of Military Field Jackets.  In contrast to its predecessors, it has a built in hood, velcro fasteners on the cuffs and collars and a removable lining. The M-65’s timeless good looks, practicality and versatility make it enormously popular.


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