Russet Brown WWII A-2

The A-2 Bomber Jacket an historical perspective

The Re-Issue of a WWII Classic! 

The Russet Brown WWII A-2 is returning!  The “WWII look” is in and it’s easy to see why.  The style of many of the garments from that era were so classic and timeless that they still look good today and likewise will continue to look good for decades to come!  Starting in 2020, the US Army will issue new uniforms based heavily on the WWII service uniform of the 1940s. In addition, aviation-related Army personnel will have the option of purchasing an A-2 leather jacket.  Arguably the most iconic leather flight jacket of WWII above all it will go with the new WWII-style uniform.  US Wings, who is already an official supplier to the US Military, will also be one of the suppliers of this jacket to the US Army.

Jacket Color

The jacket will be made from vintage-looking russet brown cowhide leather. The same type of cowhide used in WWII A-2s . The original spec for the A-2 called for horsehide; however, many manufacturers produced the jacket in cowhide and goatskin as well. The color is medium-russet brown, a color prevalent during WWII.  Furthermore the leather is quite supple. All in all, this is an A-2 that any AAF pilot would be proud to wear!



About US Wings

US Wings was founded in 1986 by  SFC David D. Hack USA (r), a Vietnam veteran.  Visiting our website,, provides a great adventure in the discovery of our entire product line. Furthermore, rich in the ambiance of American military history, you will find every type and style of military jacket.  If you’re nearby, stop by at our store located at  561 E. Hines Hill Road, Hudson, Ohio 44236.

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2 thoughts on “Russet Brown WWII A-2

  1. Matt Hooper says:

    Has there been any guidance from the Army on the design and material of the A-2? Will it be the current USAF style in Goatskin or more of a WWII style Horsehide jacket?

    The new official Army A-2 will be very similar to the USAF A-2 except for some subtle differences. The epaulets on the shoulders will be slightly larger so rank insignia’s can be attached. The length of the bottom skirt will be slightly longer to prevent riding up on your frame and the pocket flaps are more like the WWII design. There will not be a collar clip.
    The jacket is being made of pebbled cowskin. We have seen the first sample and it is outstanding.

    • Matt Hooper says:

      Thanks for the reply. I’m glad the jacket is a little longer, as I don’t wear my trousers as high as the Greatest Generation. Cowhide is a good choice. Are the USAF hand-warmer pockets still there? Velcro for nametag?

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