Military Service a Hack Family Tradition

Military Service is a Hack Family Tradition.  There are scores of families across the United States whose members have answered the call to serve their country.  The Kennedys, Pattons, the Sullivans, to name a few families who chose to serve.


On a recent excursion to Kentucky, SFC David Hack (CEO of US Wings) and his brother Lambert visited the Edmonson County Veterans Memorial.  This memorial commemorates the veterans from the Edmonson County area who served in World War I, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.

The Memorial consists of several monuments.  Included is the Wiley N. Willis Veterans Memorial Wall, shown above,  located outside the Edmonson County Courthouse in Brownsville KY. Every year a ceremony is held on Memorial Day at this site to honor these veterans.

Hack Brothers

Sgt. Hack and his brothers Lambert, Lindell & Lloyd, are all military veterans who are included in the Memorial. SFC Hack & his family are originally from Sunfish KY, an unincorporated community located in the northwest corner of Edmonson County, and military service is a Hack family tradition!

US Wings

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