Personal Protective Equipment

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Personal Protective Equipment for infection control is becoming the law in many states.  As a result US Wings has introduced several different products which can be considered Personal Protective Equipment.

Protective Masks

We have two styles available, a Washable Protective Mask, and a Disposable Protective Mask.  Our Masks  protect against large-particle droplets and help block exhaled droplets hence preventing further spread of contagions.

Shemagh Tactical Scarf

The shemagh is the traditional desert head wear. It effectively protects your head & neck from the blazing sun. Furthermore It’s also been used by military forces operating in arid or jungle environments. In fact, the shemagh is officially issued to British and Australian soldiers for desert warfare. You can soak the shemagh in water before wrapping it around your head and neck for extra cooling. It also provides warmth and protection from cold weather as well. Above all You can wear in various combinations of the head, neck, mouth, and nose. Finally it can  be worn for full face coverage for protection against Covid-19.

Multi-Use Protective Wraps

Breathable, super soft high-performance polyester material. The protective wrap is wind resistant and wicks away moisture. It keeps you cool, dry and protected from the elements.   Additionally it covers your face and protects you from Covid -19. 100% Polyester. One size fits most.

Recommendations from the Cleveland Clinic on the Covid-19 virus

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