Preserving & Repairing Vintage Leather Jackets

Repaired Jacket with hand painted patch

Preserving & Repairing Vintage Leather Jackets is our specialty.  US Wings has skilled craftsmen that can perform expert leather jacket repair.  We can replace cuff and waistbands, linings and G-1 collars.  We also do patch sewing, sleeve shortening, and minor leather and pocket repair.

Restored Vintage Leather Jackets


The family of Lt. Col George Busey Farish entrusted US Wings to restore his bomber jacket.  They sent us the above letter, thrilled with the restoration.

Additional Testimonials

I just received my grandfather’s leather bomber that we had sent to you for restoration and I’m amazed! It’s beautiful. It looks brand new. My grandfather passed away several years ago and his jacket is an important piece of his memory so there is always going to be some reservation when sending it off to an unknown place. But, it was clearly in good hands and I had nothing to worry about! Thanks again for your top notch work and for being a part of his memory.



Robert F., Annandale VA


…..Just a brief note to express my gratitude to the wonderful staff at US Wings for repairing and preserving my father’s WWII G-1 jacket. My siblings and I have many loving memories and mementos of my father, but other than photographs this jacket is the only physical reminder of his time in WWII. Sadly, it merely hung in a closet for many years because it was in such disrepair. But thanks to US Wings the lining, waistband, and cuffs are as good as new – maybe even better than new! Luckily the jacket fits me, and thanks to the professional craftsmanship of the US Wings staff I can now wear this jacket with pride and love for my father. US Wings not only helped to preserve the legacy of my father, but of the proud service he gave to the country he loved. Thank you US Wings.


Woodbridge, VA

US Wings is a veteran-owned business with decades of experience and an official US Military flight jacket repair facility, so you know you can trust us to do the job right.  Preserving & Repairing Vintage Leather Jackets preserves historical and personal treasures.  Be sure to also check out our full line of all-natural USA-made US Wings Leather Care Products; they’ll help preserve your new leather & canvas goods and will add years of life to your old favorites.

6 thoughts on “Preserving & Repairing Vintage Leather Jackets

  1. Edward Butchino says:

    I have my dad’s jacket from the hundredth bomb group the bloody hundredths! I would like to get some information about having you restore it

    • Robert Kruty says:

      If this is a original jacket from WWII, we highly recommend not touching it, but rather preserve it in its original form. We do replace cuffs and waistbands and condition jackets. I would suggest taking a picture of the jacket and what you want restored and send it to We will take a look at it and offer our suggestions.

  2. Jan McCracken says:

    Hi, I was interested in have my Dad’s WW2 flight jacket preserved. It has a B24 painted on the back and the red missiion bombs painted on on the right breast, that I want kept as well as possible. Can you help?
    Thank you, Jan McCracken

    • Robert Kruty says:

      What exactly do you want done to your jacket? We do have a world renown Nose Art Artist on staff that has helped many customers with their parents jackets. It depends upon what you are expecting. Please give us a call at 1-800-650-0659 and we will be glad to speak with you.

  3. Randall Collins says:

    Is there a way to preserve exposed threads, on a bomber jacket ? Maybe something like a wax, done by Q-tip ?

    • Robert Kruty says:

      Mr. Collins
      I spoke with the expert Sgt Hack and he advised against it. Unfortunately we know of no product that would fill your needs.

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