Professional Leather Jacket Repair

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Repair It! With July coming to a close and Autumn just around the corner, now is the perfect time to “tune-up” your favorite leather jacket and have it ship-shape for the upcoming Fall season. Our Professional Leather Jacket Repair Service will keep your favorite leather jacket flying high for years to come! Our repair technicians are true craftsmen who can also replace your jacket’s zipper, knit cuffs/waistband, lining, sew on patches, shorten your sleeves, make minor leather repairs, and even replace the fur collar on your G-1. We repair all types & makes of leather jackets, including bomber jackets, motorcycle jackets, & Indy jackets. US Wings is a veteran-owned business with decades of experience and an official US Military flight jacket repair facility, so you know you can trust us to do the job right.


Don’t Forget To Recondition: Another Fall essential is to condition or re-condition your favorite leather jacket. Over time, leather will dry out and crack due to the loss of its natural oils, so conditioning your leather jacket is an important step and will keep it in tip-top shape for years to come. Our USA-made US Wings Leather Dressing is a rich lotion conditioner made from all natural locally sourced ingredients that is easily absorbed and deeply conditions, restores, waterproofs, and protects leather and buffs to a beautiful shine! Let us professionally condition your jacket for you for just $25 per jacket or you can opt to purchase our Leather Dressing and apply it to your jacket yourself. Be sure to also check out our full line of all-natural USA-made Leather Care Products.  Go to US Wings for your Professional Leather Jacket Repair!

12 thoughts on “Professional Leather Jacket Repair

  1. George E. Hotaling Jr. says:

    I have a Cooper A-2 flight jacket. The interior lining is just plain worn out. The pockets are fine. I would like to have the lining replaced, and the original tags placed back on the lining. The zipper pull has fallen off, this needs to be replaced, or possible the entire zipper needs to be replaced. The zipper seems fine, but the pull missing, makes it inconvenient to zip. The leather also, needs to be reconditioned. Would you have a guesstimate on cost?

  2. Donald Parker says:

    Can you replace cuffs and side cinches for a Navy nylon A-1 foul weather jacket? I have the the buckles for the side cinches.

    • US Wings says:

      Our experience with collars has been to lay a couple of dictionaries on the collar for a couple of days and it should lay correctly for you.

      US Wings, Inc

  3. Dr. James Scofield says:

    My leather fraternity jacket is peeling terribly. It can’t be replaced so I really need to have it repaired if possible.

  4. Ashley Isaac says:

    I have a leather jacket in need of repair and a new zipper. Also, I was wondering if you could see in a white cloth patch inside the jacket below the AllSaints Logo.

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