US Wings Barnstormer Leather Vest

barnstormer vest with fur collar and fur collar removed and a silk scarf

A Warm Weather Classic!

Our US Wings® Barnstormer Leather Vest with removeable collar is a descendant of the vests worn by the barnstorming stunt pilots of the 1920s and ’30s. Its inspiration came from barnstormers who cut the worn-out sleeves off their leather flight jackets and wound up with a sharp-looking (and practical) leather vest.  As a result the vest left the pilot’s arms unfettered.  It offers excellent protection from the elements in an open cockpit bi-plane and provides the desired panache of a leather flight jacket.
Our version is considerably more refined than the improvised original. The vest is based on our Cape Buffalo G-1, minus the sleeves.   We’ve added a detachable vintage-style honey-colored sheep fur collar which can easily be put on or taken off.  Made from our antiqued Cape Buffalo leather, it has the luxury, style & durability to handle all of your aerial or terrestrial adventures.

The US Wings Barnstormer leather vest features:

  • 100% Cape Buffalo leather
    • Leather Thickness: 1.2 – 1.3 mm
    • Drum Dyed
  • Removable Fur collar
  • Two front cargo pockets
  • Side entry hand warmer pockets
  • One inside pocket
  • Bi-swing back for freedom of movement
  • Underarm gussets
  • Throat latch
  • 100% brown satin nylon lining
  • Heavy duty brass zipper
  • Knit waistband
  • Available in Regular and Long
  • Color: Antique Brown
  • Fit: Normal

Custom Handpainted Barnstormer Vest

US Wings is proud to offer Custom Handpainted Barnstormer Leather Vests by our renown “nose art” artist Jim Harley.   Jim is dedicated to keeping the memories, tradition & spirit of bygone era’s alive by creating custom nostalgic works of art.  JIm Harley is an outstanding artist with decades of experience and clients worldwide.  Additionally  he was the former Chief pilot for the Collings Foundation.  He has thousands of hours  flying their B 17, B24, B25 and P51 Mustang.

Custom Art

Jim paints historic & custom Nose Art onto our  US Wings Barnstormer Leather Vest using only the highest quality paint which will never chip or peel.  Your custom artwork will become a personalized handpainted masterpiece and a treasured heirloom. Custom handpainted artwork is a great way to show off WWII nose art, a unit insignia, a company logo, or any other design you specify. For more information, call 1-800-650-0659 during business hours, email us, or visit our Handpainted Barnstormer Leather Vest page.


Free Gift: For a limited time, receive a free Silk Aviator Scarf with the purchase of our Barnstormer Leather Vest (a $39.95 value).

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