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US WIngs Vintage Nylon B-15 Jacket

Nylon B-15 in Black and OD Green

The US Wings Vintage Nylon B-15 jacket is an authentic reproduction of the jacket most associated with the dawn of the jet age. The B-15 became standard issue to the USAAF after 1943, replacing the venerable A-2, and was originally constructed from olive oxford cloth. After some initial objections to the change, pilots and aircrews […]

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What are Bomber jackets?


Bomber jackets are very often mislabeled. True bomber jackets were the jackets worn by flight crews in the B -17 and B -24 Aircraft.  As the planes were not pressurized and had open windows for gun ports, flight crews were exposed to sub-zero temperatures. The crews wore B-3 jackets, as shown above, and pants with […]

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US Wings, I just got the Indy jacket today — it is the best leather jacket I have owned next to my 20 year old Cockpit original re-issue A-2 in goatskin. I find the Indy jacket to be somewhat more comfortable and I love the lambskin. The free fedora is going to my grandson (I […]