Rick P.

I wanted to let you know how happy I am with your repair of my leather jacket. The jacket was made for me during a tour in Korea 30 years ago and I was never totally happy with it. A bit large, the wool lining itched and then finally the zipper failed. No one in […]

Mark M.

I just got my old A-2 back from you and I have to tell you how thrilled I am at the job you did re-lining it. It’s fabulous! Thanks very, very much. Mark M.

Robert M.

Just received my repaired jacket yesterday.  Looks better than new.  Thank you so much for your outstanding work on such a precious keepsake.  That jacket has been with me through 17 years, 41 states, and 8 foreign countries.  I’ll now be able to keep wearing it with pride for years to ce.   Robert M.


Sgt Hack, I received my exchanged cotton pilots jacket today.  I am so impressed with your customer service.  Despite the fact that the mistake was mine, you guys jumped right in and replaced the jacket with the correct size in a week and a half.  Wonderful!  Thank you for this level of service.    Everything […]

John P.

Sergeant and Mike and others, Thank all of you for your great product in the flight jacket that you provided, for your wonderful friendly service and for the quick turnaround and splendid job that you did in getting my patches sewn on. I will wear it proudly! Sincerely, John Powers USCG Retired

David B.

Thanks Sarge! I have the Signature Series A2; I am in the Royal Australian Air Force. I’ve told a lot of my colleagues that if you want a quality A2 jacket for our Air Force Uniform to get the US Wings Signature Series A2. You guys have great service; and excellent products. Cheers Dave

Karl V.

Best A2 jacket. I wear it every day at winter with my uniform. Good serivce and they ship to Australia.   Karl V.

Richard N.

These are, by far, the best flight jackets available on the market today, maybe ever. When I was supplying flight jackets for my aircrew, I many times had to justify the cost of these flight jackets, over the inferior jackets available. That was easy to do. The construction and materials used ensured a pilot or […]

Leslee B.

Dear Myke, The jacket arrived yesterday. It is beautiful. I sent it for the new lining as a surprise for my husband and he is thrilled. You guys did an amazing job. Thank you. Leslee B

John M

WOW ! I’m impressed! The jacket you sent me exceeded my expectations in every way. Excellent value for the money. Great looking, quality materials, and sturdy construction. I couldn’t have asked for more. The only hiccup (and one in which you had no control over) was that the order made it very quickly to Perth […]


I am so pleased with the craftsmanship and care you took to restore my G-2 flight jacket. I truly feel you honor the legacy and American Spirit of flight and you take pride in what you do. You give your customers more than they bargained for, and you treat your customers as if they are […]

Mark W

Oh my God! It’s beautiful!!! Please pass this msg on to the Sergeant that you guys are geniuses. The 50 long is perfect (that was his idea!). I’m going to put you both in my will! It’s really nice. Good job. Mark “Happy” Ward

John T.

For the absolute best in military and adventure clothing, try US Wings,www.uswings.com. Highly recommended. My good friend, David “Sarge” Hack, does a terrific job and the clothing and service are top notch.For the absolute best in military and adventure clothing, try US Wings, www.uswings.com. Highly recommended. My good friend, David "Sarge" Hack, does a terrific […]

Mike H

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the USAF MA-1 Flight Jacket I ordered from you. I’m a size 2XL Tall, and upon the advise of your size chart, I ordered a 3XL, and it fits perfectly. It is very well made, and looks as though it will outlast me. […]

John Tata

Sgt. Hack and Co – wanted to thank you for the outstanding repair to my Lambskin A-2. Don’t know how you did it – not a trace of the tear. I would have paid any price to get it back in this condition, your fee was embarrassingly low. We had an email exchange over a […]