Top Gun Movie Patch Sets

Jackets With Top Gun Movie Patch Set Applied

Turn any leather, nylon, or cloth jacket into a Top Gun Jacket with our Top Gun Movie Jacket Patch Sets! The sets include 17 authentic patches, from the same supplier that supplied the patches to Paramount for the Top Gun movies! We offer two versions, both have the exact same patches except for one: Our Top Gun Patch Set #1 (from the original 1986 Top Gun movie) features the “Far East Cruise ’63-’64 USS Galveston CLG-3″ 5″x4” back patch while our Top Gun Maverick Patch Set #2 (from the upcoming 2021 Top Gun: Maverick movie) features the “Indian Ocean Cruise 85-86 United States Navy” 6″x4.5″ back patch.


We also offer a set of “Maverick” Leather Printed Patches (based on the four patches worn on a CWU jacket by the star of the upcoming “Top Gun: Maverick” movie) that gives you the authentic look of handpainted patches! We started with “master” patches handpainted by our world renown resident artist, Jim Harley, which were then exactly reproduced onto top quality leather. This printing process bonds the artwork to the leather patch and makes them virtually impervious to normal wear & tear. We currently offer the VX-31 “Dust Devils” patch, a USN Fighter Weapons School patch, a “Topgun” nametag with velcro, and a US Flag patch. Patches can be purchased separately or you can buy the four-patch set.


Of course, if you prefer to purchase a new “Top Gun” jacket with the patches already sewn on, we have those too! Check out our full selection in our Top Gun Collection.  US Wings is your source for for all Top Gun Movie patches.

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