US Wings Cooper Originals

US Wings Cooper Jackets

An American Tradition Continues: If you’re planning on a leather jacket purchase in the near future, we highly recommend our US Wings Cooper Originals line, based on classic original Cooper Sportswear jacket patterns. The exceptional quality of Cooper Sportswear jackets was known worldwide and were considered highly collectible by flight jacket enthusiasts. However, original Cooper Sportswear jackets have been unavailable for decades, so we’re reintroducing these classic garments to a new generation of leather jacket enthusiasts with our US Wings Cooper Originals line.


Because these outstanding jackets are based on the original Cooper Sportswear patterns, and because US Wings was a manufacturing partner with Cooper for many years, you can be assured that the jackets in our US Wings Cooper Originals line will be of the same high quality as the original Cooper Sportswear jackets worn by your father, grandfather or even great-grandfather. Check out our full line in our US Wings Cooper Originals Collection and experience a new American tradition!


A Brief History: Cooper Sportswear was founded in the early 1920s and was awarded Contract No. W535ac23381 on January 5, 1942 to produce A-2 jackets for the USAAF during WWII. In the modern age, Cooper Sportswear continued to produce very popular & sought after garments like the A-2, G-1 & Indy jackets for the civilian market. US Wings partnered with Cooper for many years, starting in 1986 and ending when Cooper Sportswear ceased production in the 1990s.

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