Top Gun Leather Patches

NEW! Our exclusive state of the art Top Gun Leather Patches gives you the authentic look of hand painted patches but at a fraction of the price! Our world renown resident artist, Jim Harley, hand paints all the “master” patches. Then reproduced onto quality Texas Steerhide leather, creating an handmade exact likeness.  This process gives these patches the look of authentic hand painted patches! Unlike traditional surface silk-screening, the artwork on our Leather Printed Patches penetrates and is bonded to the leather patch, making them virtually impervious to normal wear & tear and ensuring a long life with proper care! Proudly made in Ohio USA!

You can purchase these patches to have sewn onto your own jacket. You can also opt to send us your jacket or purchase a jacket from us to have us sew them on for you. Use our Repair Form to send your jacket in to have patches sew on.

The Top Gun Leather Patches features:

  • 100% Texas Steerhide Leather
  • Patches
    • VX-31 “Dust Devils” Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 31 Patch
    • USN Fighter Weapons School Patch
    • USA Flag Patch
    • TOPGUN Name Tag Patch with Velcro

Top Gun Maverick Jackets

Our Top Gun: Maverick CWU Jacket is based on the jacket worn by the star of the upcoming “Top Gun: Maverick” movie.  It features the following authentic patches:

  • Air Test & Evaluation Squadron VX 31 Dust Devils patch
  • USN Fighter Weapons School patch
  • Embossed leather Top Gun nameplate
  • U.S. Flag patch

The Top Gun: Maverick  CWU Jacket is available in the following versions:

Maverick Top Gun Nylon CWU-45P (USA-made and Imported):  Features include two huge front cargo pockets with velcro-closure flaps, rounded collar, utility/pen pocket on the left sleeve, and a quilted lining with polyfil insulation. This CWU is made from Military-grade flight satin nylon.  Our Maverick Top Gun USA-made Nylon CWU-45P is available in sage green or black.  Similarly our Maverick Top Gun Imported Nylon CWU-45P is available in sage green, black, or navy blue.

Top Gun Maverick Nomex® CWU-36P Flight Jacket

Maverick Top Gun Nomex CWU-45P and CWU-36P (USA-made): These jackets are genuine USA-made/Berry Compliant fire-resistant Nomex CWUs. They are manufactured to US Military specs and  include all the features of our nylon CWUs. These are the real deal. The winter weight Maverick Top Gun Nomex CWU-45P features warm polyfil insulation and fully lined pockets. In contrast the summer weight Maverick Top Gun Nomex CWU-36P does not. Color: sage green. Made in the USA.

Top Gun Maverick Nomex CWU-45P Flight Jacket

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