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US Wings is proud & honored to be partnered with renowned artist JIm Harley!   He creates US Wings Handpainted Bomber Jackets as well as Nose Art Patches.  Jim will be painting historic & custom Nose Art onto leather jackets and leather patches using only the highest quality paint . Consequently it will never chip or peel.  Hence ensuring that your leather jacket or patch will become a personalized handpainted masterpiece and a treasured heirloom.  Most noteworthy he paints bomb squadron patches, Tail Sash Patches, leather WW II name tags and Theatre patches. Here is a small sampling of his recent creations.

The Outhouse Mouse

Outhouse Mouse was a Boeing built B-17G, serial number 42-31636. She was assigned to the 91st Bomb Group 323rd Bomb Squadron of the 8th Air Force based out of Bassingbourn England.  It was painted with the distinct “Triangle A and red tail sash markings and given the aircraft code OR*N.  The aircraft was under the care of Crew Chief M/Sgt. Rollin L. Davis, who also took care of the famous B-17 Nine O’ Nine, and shared the same parking revetment. This B-17 flew 139 missions without an abort and flew a grand total of 279 missions over the course of her combat career. Furthermore It also had the distinction of being the first B-17 attacked by an Me163 rocket fighter, on August 16, 1944.  Finally, after the war she was flown home to Kingman, AZ, where she was scrapped in 1963.

The Nine o Nine

“Nine-O-Nine” was a Boeing built B-17 serial number 42-31909 and was accepted by the USAAF in December of 1943. She was assigned to combat on February 25, 1944 with the 91st Bomb Group 323rd Bomb Squadron 8th Air Force stationed at Bassingbourn England. By the end of the war she had made eighteen trips to Berlin, dropped 562,000 pounds of bombs, and flown 1,129 hours. It flew 140 combat missions without a crew loss or an abort, an 8th Air Force record. After the war she was flown home and scrapped at Kingman Arizona. Our Nose Artist, Jim Harly, flew 900 hours as Pilot in Command of the restored Collings Foundation Nine o Nine.

City of Flatbush

City of Flatbush, serial number 44-6982, was a Boeing B 29.  The crew, led by Aircraft Commander Jim Hall, trained together at Great Bend Kansas.  Arriving at North Field Guam in March of 1945, it was attached to the 19th Bomb group, 314th Wing and 30th Bomb Squadron. It’s Tail Sash was a 72″ tall Block M which designated the 19th Bomb group. The City of Flatbush recorded 35 successful bombing missions without a crew loss over Japan from Guam.  “City of” nose art was created as a means to honor crews hometown cities back in the United State who adopted each plane.


See the full selection of US Wings Handpainted Bomber jackets and Nose Art patches at Furthermore they have squadron patches, Tail Sash patches, theatre patches and name tags to honor our forefathers who gave their all to protect our country. We can duplicate any of your relatives historical artifacts.

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