US Flag Leather Patch

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Our US Flag Leather Patch is inspired by historic military chits.  The 10″ x 6″ US Flag proudly identifies the wearer as an American.   Above all our US Flag Leather Patch is printed on high quality Italian goatskin leather.  Traditional chits are usually printed on cloth.  The Freedom US Flag Leather Patch can also be purchased separately.  Similary for an additional fee You can opt to have us professionally sew it into the lining of a new jacket or your own existing jacket.

History of Blood Chits

The origins of these chits dates back to the late 18th century.  They became best known during WWII when they were used by the pilots of the American Volunteer Group known as the Flying Tigers.   In the event their plane went down, these “blood chits” sewn into the lining of the pilot’s flight jacket containing a flag & a message.  Written in Chinese it identified the pilot as an American airman.  Furthermore a promise was made to reward those who could help him safely return to an Allied base.

US Wings Freedom Line of Jackets


Our new Freedom Line of jackets includes some of our finest & most popular jacket styles:

  • US Wings Army A-2
  • A-2 Cape Buffalo
  •  G-1 Cape Buffalo
  •  Indy-Style Cape Buffalo
  • A-2 Goatskin
  • G-1 Goatskin

Our Freedom Line  honors all US Military pilots, aviators, aircrew & paratroopers who fought valiantly to keep our nation, and the world, free.

Cape buffalo leather is very unique and has that vintage Old World look & feel.  US Wings goatskin & cowhide jackets use genuine premium mil-spec leather. The quality of these jackets is absolutely top-notch. You’ll definitely feel the pride of wearing such an outstanding jacket!

US Wings is a veteran-owned business.  For more information got to or call 1-800-650-0659

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