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The “WWII look” is in and it’s easy to see why: the style of many of the garments from that era were so classic and timeless that they still look good today and will continue to look good for decades to come! Even the US Army seems to agree: starting in 2020, the Army will issue new uniforms based on the WWII service uniform of the 1940s and make the A-2 leather jacket (arguably the most iconic leather flight jacket of WWII) an option to go with the new WWII-style uniform for all aviation-related personnel. US Wings, who is already an official supplier to the US Military, will be one of the suppliers of the A-2 jacket to the US Army.

B-3 Bomber Jackets

B-3 Shearling Bomber Jacket


Air Force Caps

Battle of Midway Cap


Cloth Patches & Blood Chits

Battle of Midway Patch


Aviation Scarves & Gloves

Silk Aviator’s Scarf