USA-made MA-1 and CWU-45P Jackets

We’re proud to offer genuine USA-made MA-1 and CWU-45P flight jackets made by an actual US government contractor! These iconic lightweight nylon flight jackets have protected US Military aviators from the cold, wind & rain for decades. They are now an established staple of civilian fashion. The materials and workmanship are of the highest quality certainly what you’d expect from a true supplier to the US Military.
 Originally adopted by the USAF in 1950, the MA-1 is arguably the most popular flight jacket since the WWII A-2. This workhorse of a flight jacket was made for use in cold weather climates (20 degrees F and above). It features the famous reversible high-visibility Indian Orange lining (designed for use in emergency situations) as well as a knit collar, and the signature zippered utility/pen pocket on the left sleeve. Our USA-made MA-1 is made from a water-repellant Military-grade flight satin nylon. Furthermore it is available in sage green, black or replica blue. Made in the USA.

The CWU was first introduced in the early 1970s and eventually replaced the venerable MA-1. The CWU is still in active duty with the USAF, USN & the USCG.  Its two most iconic features are the two huge front cargo pockets and the rounded collar.  Our USA-made CWU-45P is made from Military-grade flight satin nylon. Available in sage green or black. Made in the USA.
USA-made Ma-1 and CWU-45P jackets are now availble from US Wings.

Top Gun “Maverick” USA-made CWU version is now also available.
Check out our Nylon Jacket Collection  to see our full line of MA-1 and CWU jackets.

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