US Wings WWII Cowhide A-2 Jacket

us wings ww2 cowhide a22000 jacket

The US Wings WWII Cowhide A-2 Jacket is back in limited supply!

The “WWII look” is in and it’s easy to see why. The style of many of the garments from that era were so classic & timeless.  Consequently they still look good today and will continue to look good for decades to come!  Our Signature Series Limited Edition WWII Cowhide A-2 Jacket is a great example.  It’s made from a recently discovered supply of mid-1940s vintage russet brown cowhide leather.  This is  the same type of cowhide used in WWII A-2s. The medium-russet brown leather (a color prevalent during WWII) is quite supple.  Most noteworthy it still retains its inherent durability, and is surprisingly light for a cowhide flight jacket.  The authentic details & the pedigree of the leather makes our Limited Edition WWII Cowhide A-2 the perfect jacket.  As a result you can adorn it with your favorite WWII-era patches.  The  one piece back makes it the ideal canvas for customizing with hand-painted “nose art.”


  • Based on the WWII pattern for a trim fit
  • Two front-cargo pockets
  • Snap-down collar
  • One piece back and sleeves
  • Stitched-down epaulets
  • 100% cotton lining and brass zipper

All in all, this is an A-2 that any USAAF pilot would be proud to wear!  Quantities are strictly limited; once these are gone, they will no longer be available.  The US Wings WWII Cowhide A-2 Jacket.  Made in the USA. 

Looks great with one of our authentic USAAF Crush Caps.  Our WWII USAAF Crush Caps are made by the original WWII manufacturer.  They feature a reinforced visor, shin strap, and an authentic officer’s cap device.  Made in the USA.

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