US Wings Customer Satisfaction

US Wings Customer Satisfaction is our most important goal.  We pride ourselves in providing the finest quality product and customer service.  We receive letters daily from customers who are thoroughly pleased with our products and services.  Read what our customers are saying about US Wings. CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS Dear Sgt HacK, Just wanted to say that […]

“Indy-style” Jackets

indy-style Jackets

 “Indy-Style” jackets from US Wings are an integral part of the famous fedora-wearing, bullwhip-toting, tomb-raiding professor of archaeology. A hybrid of the Type 440 and the A-2, the Indy-Style jackets have it’s own uniqueness and iconic style. Dashing through the jungle or racing across the desert, the  jackets will protect you from all the elements. […]

Are US Wings Jackets in the Movies and Television?

US Wings Jackets in the movies

Are US Wings Jackets in the Movies and Television?  A question often asked.  US Wings jackets are seen in many movies and Television shows. As a result of their reputation for authentic quality product  they supply Bomber Jackets, Indy Jackets, Nylon flight jackets and military accessories . US WINGS JACKETS IN THE MOVIES Harrison Ford […]

Kid’s Top Gun-Maverick MA-1 Jacket

Kids Top Gun-Maverick MA-1 Jacket

  The Kid’s Top Gun-Maverick MA-1 Jacket has the newest patch, ” VX-31 “Dust Devils” worn by Tom Cruise in the movie Tom Gun-Maverick.  Supplied to Paramount pictures,this is the Air Test and Evaluation squadron patch. The movie, Top Gun- Maverick, will be released in June 2020.  Tom Cruise, reprises his role as Pete”Maverick” Mitchell. […]

US Wings, Experts at restoring Vintage Leather Jackets

Restoring Vintage Leather Jackets preserves historical and personal treasures. US Wings has skilled craftsmen that can perform expert leather jacket repair.  We can replace cuff and waistbands, linings and G-1 collars.  We also do patch sewing, sleeve shortening, and minor leather and pocket repair.   RESTORED VINTAGE LEATHER JACKETS   TESTIMONIAL The family of Lt. […]

Does US Wings repair Leather jackets?

People ask does US Wings repair Leather jackets?  Why replace when US Wings can repair your favorite leather jacket.  US Wings offers worldwide Professional Leather Jacket Repair services.  Tune-up your old favorite with a new zipper, lining, cuff & waistband and more.  We repair all brands and types of leather jackets, including motorcycle jackets. Established […]

What is a G-1 flight jacket?

US Wings US Navy Bomber Jacket G-1 with Wings of Gold 2016

    History of the G-1 flight jacket The military G-1 Flight jacket is the fur-lined-collar, leather jacket worn by US Navy, US Marine Corps and US Coast Guard flyers.  The jacket was brought to use by the US Navy in the 1930’s as the M-422A.  The revised  US Military flight jacket developed in 1947 […]

Who is Sgt. Hack and US

Many people ask who is Sgt Hack and US  Sgt. Hack, a Vietnam veteran, is the founder of US Wings and US  is a online store. In 1986, he pioneered e-commerce. obtains over a million hits each month. We have been featured in numerous magazines, business journals, newsletters, televisions shows and the […]

The A-2 Bomber Jacket an historical perspective

The A-2 Bomber Jacket an historical perspective

The A-2 Bomber Jacket an historical perspective Modern A-2 Bomber Jacket Years of effort to reintroduce the A-2 bomber jacket finally succeeded in 1988. Perhaps influenced by the popularity of the film “Top Gun“. Avirex won the first Air Force A-2 contract. Neil Cooper USA won later contracts. Which is now U.S. Wings of Ohio. […]

What are Bomber jackets?


Bomber jackets are very often mislabeled. True bomber jackets were the jackets worn by flight crews in the B -17 and B -24 Aircraft.  As the planes were not pressurized and had open windows for gun ports, flight crews were exposed to sub-zero temperatures. The crews wore B-3 jackets, as shown above, and pants with […]

The WWII A2 Bomber Jacket is back!

The A-2 Bomber Jacket an historical perspective

The WWII  A2 Bomber Jacket is back! The Army Times reported that the United States  Army will be reissuing the WWII  A2 Bomber Jacket in 2020.  The first group to wear the new  WWII A2 Bomber Jacket will be forward facing units such as recruiters from the United States Army Recruiting Command. US Wings Bomber […]

What new “Top Gun” G1 Jacket is available at US Wings?

Cape Buffalo Top Gun "Maverick" G-1 Jacket

The US WIngs company is releasing a new “Top Gun” G1 Jacket. The sequel to the original “Top Gun”; Top Gun: Maverick, is scheduled to be theatrically released in the United States on June 26, 2020, by Paramount Pictures. Our Cape Buffalo “Maverick”  Top Gun G1 Jacket is the ultimate version of this venerable flight […]

The Authenticity and Cultural Value of our Vintage Vietnam Military Combat Shirts

I recently came back from a vacation and I brought the grand-kids to a cave near the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, we went camping with the Best Tent and let me tell you that we had a lot of fun. It was a common tourist trap kind of place, trinkets for sale, small geodes on […]

Can Tom Cruise successfully reignite his Top Gun legacy?

“In the Next Year”…That’s what Tom Cruise is saying about the filming of Top Gun 2, and his reprisal of his role as Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell should drive the fans of the original 1986 movie back to the theaters. WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE: @TomCruise just confirmed that Top Gun 2 is happening! “I’m gonna start filming […]