Cape Buffalo Indy-Style Adventurer Jacket

US Wings Cape Buffalo Indy-Style Adventurer Jacket

Our Cape Buffalo Indy-Style Adventurer Jacket is made of leather from one of the toughest & most dangerous big game animals in Africa. The Cape Buffalo is one of the “big five” African game animals (along with lions, leopards, rhinos & elephants) and is not categorized as an endangered species. Can weigh up to 2,000 […]

Custom Cloth Face Masks from US Wings

Make a statement or advertise your brand with Custom Cloth Face Masks from US Wings.  Be a safe & responsible citizen while promoting team unity & cohesion  with our custom facial covering.   Custom Cloth Face Masks Our commercial-grade cloth masks are made from high quality, ultra-comfortable & breathable 3-ply 100% cotton,  Furthermore  they feature […]

Kid sized Face Masks at US Wings

masks for kids

  Keep your kids safe with our growing selection of Kid sized Face Masks at US Wings!   These are scaled-down versions of our adult masks that better fit the smaller faces of children.  Furthermore they still feature the same 3-ply 100% cotton construction, single-needle ribbed binding, antibacterial coating, and comfortable ear loops of our adult […]

Custom Police Face Masks

custom police face masks

Protect our officers with US Wings Custom Police Face Masks.  Everyone has seen the pictures of our brave Policemen standing at attention with demonstrators screaming in their faces.  Most protestors are not wearing Face Masks and consequently could be promoting the spread of Covid 19.  Standing shoulder to shoulder wearing their Custom Police Face Masks, […]

School Face Mask Fundraisers

us wings hudson high school face mask

US Wings is proud to offer USA-made Custom School Logo Masks to all schools, universities, and educational institutions!  in addition to promoting unity among the students and teachers, these products make great School Face Mask Fundraisers.  Show your school pride while helping to prevent the spread of contagions! With our ability to give schools a […]