Face Masks Proven to save Lives

Protective Masks

World Authorities since 1917 have stated the Face Masks proven to save lives.  US Wings is veteran owned by 80 yr old combat wounded Sgt. David Hack.  He recalls listening to stories from his Mother and Grandmother about the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1917.  They recalled how Face Masks saved lives, those that did survived.  […]

American made Face Masks

American made Face Masks are now available from US Wings.  We have cotton, three-ply, washable Face Masks in multiple colors.  Made in Virginia USA.  Commercial grade, these are perfect for corporations, universities, schools, police departments, government entities and active duty military.   Recommendations from the Cleveland Clinic To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the wearing […]

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment for infection control is becoming the law in many states.  As a result US Wings has introduced several different products which can be considered Personal Protective Equipment. Protective Masks We have two styles available, a Washable Protective Mask, and a Disposable Protective Mask.  Our Masks  protect against large-particle droplets and help block […]

Face Masks, Better Safe than Sorry!

US Wings proclaims:  Face Masks, Better Safe than Sorry! “In the US, no disease in history has led to such intrusive restrictions. These included closures of schools, churches, soda fountains, theatres, movie houses, department stores and barber shops.  Likewise regulations on how much space should be allocated to people in indoor public places.”   Believe it […]

Leather Jackets Handmade in the USA

As the world’s leading Aviation apparel manufacture, US Wings recommends  Leather Jackets Handmade in the USA!  Leather Jackets are produced around the world, and it seems like most come from China, India, or the Mideast.   US Wings Signature Series jackets represents the finest of it type anywhere. Furthermore each jacket is the finest of its […]

Shangri-La and Sgt Hack

The Shangri-La and Sgt Hack relationship goes back to 1986.  Sarge became friends with John Schumick, WWII veteran and nose Artist.  Schumick is famous for his nose art of Shangi-La and many others.  John was a very good friend of Capt. Don Gentile, pilot of the Shangri-La in WW II.  Gentile  had 21.83 confirmed kills. […]

US Wings Handpainted Bomber Jackets

+ US Wings is proud & honored to be partnered with renowned artist JIm Harley!   He creates US Wings Handpainted Bomber Jackets as well as Nose Art Patches.  Jim will be painting historic & custom Nose Art onto leather jackets and leather patches using only the highest quality paint . Consequently it will never chip […]

Top Gun Leather Patches

NEW! Our exclusive state of the art Top Gun Leather Patches gives you the authentic look of hand painted patches but at a fraction of the price! Our world renown resident artist, Jim Harley, hand paints all the “master” patches. Then reproduced onto quality Texas Steerhide leather, creating an handmade exact likeness.  This process gives […]

Flying Tigers Leather Patches

Flying Tigers Leather Patches

  NEW ITEM!  Our exclusive state of the art Flying Tigers Leather Patches have the authentic look of handpainted patches but at a fraction of the price! First of all We have our our world renown resident artist, Jim Harley, handpaint “master” patches.  We  reproduce an exact handmade likeness onto top grain leather.   These patches […]

Shemagh’s can protect you!

in these times when it’s vital to avoid contact with contagions and isn’t always possible to practice social distancing the Shemagh’s can protect you!  Giving you an extra layer of nose & mouth protection and look stylish while doing so. Wear it in the following ways… Full head, neck and mouth/nose coverage. Can also be […]

Time for Leather Jacket Repairs

Leather Flight Jacket Repair

 US Wings is known for their outstanding Leather Jacket repairs.  Why replace when US Wings can repair your favorite leather jacket.  US Wings worldwide Professional Leather Jacket Repair services.offers   Tune-up your old favorite with a new zipper, lining, cuff & waistband and more.  We repair all brands and types of leather jackets, including motorcycle jackets. Established […]

Why are All Natural Leather Care Products important?

Leather care products

All Natural Leather Care Products are important because they will keep your jacket clean, beautiful and soft. Leather needs its natural oils regularly replenished.  Furthermore exposure to the elements will cause it to dry out, crack and fade. Consequently by re-oiling the leather, original color, softness and texture will return.  Therefore consistent conditioning will prevent […]

Nose Art and Tail Sash patches now available at US Wings

nose Art and Tail Sash patches

Nose Art and Tail Sash patches are now available at US Wings.  Resident world renown artist Jim Harley is recreating hand painted WWII nose art and Tail Sash patches. Traditionally aircraft Nose Art has been painted on the back of leather jackets.  Jim Harley is now reproducing your favorite nose Art on five inch leather […]

2nd Amendment Collection from US Wings

The 2nd Amendment Collection from US Wings is growing rapidly!  Our two newest additions: a 2nd Amendment Polo Shirts and  2nd Amendment Caps. Polo Shirts Our 2nd Amendment Polo Shirts are 100% cotton.  They feature ribbed collar & cuffs, 2-button front, and embroidered 2nd Amendment logo on the left chest.  Available in Red or Navy […]

2nd Amendment Cape Buffalo Modern A-2 Jacket

Our US Wings® 2nd Amendment Cape Buffalo Modern A-2 Jacket features the 2nd Amendment patch.  This patch is handpainted by Jim Harley.  The 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall […]

Custom Handpainted Leather Patches

  US Wings is proud to offer Custom Handpainted Leather Patches by renown Nose Art artist Jim Harley.  He will be working in-house at the US Wings HQ/Retail Store located in Hudson, OH. In addition to being an outstanding artist, Jim is a former pilot for the Collings Foundation.  He flew B-17s, B-24s, B-25s, & […]