N-95 Face Masks now available at US Wings

  N-95 Face Masks now available at US Wings.  Health experts have long stressed the importance of wearing a mask to limit the spread of contagions.  Fox News reported 7/9/2020 that new research suggests that wearing a mask can reduce the risk of infection by as much as 65%. Any kind of mask, even the […]

Custom Police Face Masks

Protect our officers with US Wings Custom Police Face Masks.  Everyone has seen the pictures of our brave Policemen standing at attention with demonstrators screaming in their faces.  Most protestors are not wearing Face Masks and consequently could be promoting the spread of Covid 19.  Standing shoulder to shoulder wearing their Custom Police Face Masks, […]

Face Masks in Schools

Face Masks in Schools is a very important subject.  The 2020 School year will begin in a few months and wearing face masks is a critical issue. Students and teachers should wear Face Masks in Schools as well as all social gatherings. Senate Hearings A Senate committee hearing on reopening schools in the fall underscored the level of […]

School Face Mask Fundraisers

US Wings is proud to offer USA-made Custom School Logo Masks to all schools, universities, and educational institutions!  in addition to promoting unity among the students and teachers, these products make great School Face Mask Fundraisers.  Show your school pride while helping to prevent the spread of contagions! With our ability to give schools a […]

Cleveland Clinic’s Mask suggestions

Cleveland Clinic’s Mask suggestions are from one of the premier Hospital systems in the world. Why do we encourage masks? Masks play a key role in controlling the spread of the coronavirus in our communities. They help prevent people who don’t know they’re infected from potentially exposing others to the virus.   Do caregivers wear […]

The Big Red One and Sgt. Hack

The Big Red One and Sgt. Hack began their association March 1st 1968.  Upon arriving in Vietnam Sgt. Hack was assigned as a Combat Career Counselor for the 1st Infantry Division. April 10th 1968 Sgt. Tom Mercer, the Pointman for Company C, 1st Battalion, 18th Infantry (“Swamp Rats”), came upon a group of Viet Cong […]

Custom made US Military Face Masks

US Wings has Custom made US Military Face Masks.  They have created a Black Face Mask for the 1st Army Division, the Big Red One.  The 1st Infantry Division is a combined arms division of the United States Army. It is the oldest continuously serving division in the Regular Army originating in 1917.  Officially nicknamed “The Big Red One” (abbreviated […]

US Wings US made Face Masks

Available immediately are US Wings US made Face Masks.  According to USA Today Memorial Day issue, the #1 selling item in the United States is Face masks.  Most noteworthy Hand Sanitizers are #2. Recommendations from the Cleveland Clinic To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the wearing of masks and other facial coverings has become mandatory […]

Face Masks Proven to save Lives

Protective Masks

World Authorities since 1917 have stated the Face Masks proven to save lives.  US Wings is veteran owned by 80 yr old combat wounded Sgt. David Hack.  He recalls listening to stories from his Mother and Grandmother about the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1917.  They recalled how Face Masks saved lives, those that did survived.  […]

American made Face Masks

American made Face Masks are now available from US Wings.  We have cotton, three-ply, washable Face Masks in multiple colors.  Made in Virginia USA.  Commercial grade, these are perfect for corporations, universities, schools, police departments, government entities and active duty military.   Recommendations from the Cleveland Clinic To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the wearing […]

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment for infection control is becoming the law in many states.  As a result US Wings has introduced several different products which can be considered Personal Protective Equipment. Protective Masks We have two styles available, a Washable Protective Mask, and a Disposable Protective Mask.  Our Masks  protect against large-particle droplets and help block […]

Face Masks, Better Safe than Sorry!

US Wings proclaims:  Face Masks, Better Safe than Sorry! “In the US, no disease in history has led to such intrusive restrictions. These included closures of schools, churches, soda fountains, theatres, movie houses, department stores and barber shops.  Likewise regulations on how much space should be allocated to people in indoor public places.”   Believe it […]

Leather Jackets Handmade in the USA

As the world’s leading Aviation apparel manufacture, US Wings recommends  Leather Jackets Handmade in the USA!  Leather Jackets are produced around the world, and it seems like most come from China, India, or the Mideast.   US Wings Signature Series jackets represents the finest of it type anywhere. Furthermore each jacket is the finest of its […]

Shangri-La and Sgt Hack

The Shangri-La and Sgt Hack relationship goes back to 1986.  Sarge became friends with John Schumick, WWII veteran and nose Artist.  Schumick is famous for his nose art of Shangi-La and many others.  John was a very good friend of Capt. Don Gentile, pilot of the Shangri-La in WW II.  Gentile  had 21.83 confirmed kills. […]

US Wings Handpainted Bomber Jackets

+ US Wings is proud & honored to be partnered with renowned artist JIm Harley!   He creates US Wings Handpainted Bomber Jackets as well as Nose Art Patches.  Jim will be painting historic & custom Nose Art onto leather jackets and leather patches using only the highest quality paint . Consequently it will never chip […]