Professional Leather Jacket Repair

a repaired jacket for decoration

Repair It! With July coming to a close and Autumn just around the corner, now is the perfect time to “tune-up” your favorite leather jacket and have it ship-shape for the upcoming Fall season. Our Professional Leather Jacket Repair Service will keep your favorite leather jacket flying high for years to come! Our repair technicians […]

US Wings Barnstormer Leather Vest

barnstormer vest with fur collar and fur collar removed and a silk scarf

A Warm Weather Classic! Our US Wings® Barnstormer Leather Vest with removeable collar is a descendant of the vests worn by the barnstorming stunt pilots of the 1920s and ’30s. Its inspiration came from barnstormers who cut the worn-out sleeves off their leather flight jackets and wound up with a sharp-looking (and practical) leather vest.  […]

US Wings Cooper Original Goatskin Jackets

3 us wings goatskin jackets

Now available at US Wings Cooper Original Goatskin Jackets.  Goatskin leather is among the most practical & popular leathers for jackets: it’s light in weight, making it ideal for year ’round wear, while still being one of the most durable leathers available (this is why military leather jackets like the A-2 & G-1 were traditionally […]

US Wings Cooper Original Striated Lambskin Jackets

2 cooper original striated lambskin jackets

US Wings Cooper Original Striated Lambskin Jackets are back!  US Wings & Cooper Sportswear first produced a “striated” lambskin jacket back in 1980s but this type of jacket has been absent from our current line for quite some time, so we’re proud to re-introduce our US Wings Cooper Original Striated Lambskin A-2 Jacket and our […]

US Wings Cooper Original Women’s A-2

US Wings Cooper Original Women's A-2

Due to the popularity of our men’s US Wings Cooper Original Cowhide A-2, we’re now pleased to offer our US Wings Cooper Original Women’s Cowhide A-2! This jacket is just as authentic as the men’s version but it’s tailored specifically for women: it’s roomier where it needs to be and features shorter, tailored sleeves and […]

Cooper Original by US Wings A-2

Cooper A22000

History The new Cooper Original by US Wings  A-2 is now available.  Cooper Sportswear was founded in the early 1920s and was awarded Contract No. W535ac23381 on January 5, 1942 to produce A-2 jackets for the USAAF during WWII. These jackets are now extremely rare and original Cooper-labeled A-2s are considered highly collectible by WWII […]

Cooper Originals by US Wings a Sign of Authenticity

US Wings cooper original Labels over a us wings jacket

When you order one of our Cooper Original Indy-style Jackets, you may request to have our limited edition 40th Anniversary Cooper Original label to be sewn into your jacket.  Now available at no additional charge (please allow an additional 1-2 days for label replacement).  The Cooper Originals by US Wings are a Sign of Authenticity.  […]

Playboy, US Wings and Indiana Jones

a framed playboy article saying the us wings indiana jones jacket is in style

Playboy magazine, US Wings and Indiana Jones do have something in common.  In the September 2000 issue, Playboy featured US Wings in its Guy’s Guide to what’s Hip and Happening. Leather of the Lost Ark As titled, “Leather of the Lost Ark” the article reads:  “A leather jacket is a staple of a man’s wardrobe, […]

Indy Jackets with Left-hand Zippers

Indy Jackets with Left-hand Zippers

After many requests from our customers, we’re now offering European-style left-hand zippers as an option for all of our Indy-style Jackets. These “left-hand” zippers have the zipper pull on the left side, which is common on European jackets, instead of the right side, which is standard on USA jackets. This option is available for each […]

Indiana Jones Licensed Headwear

two styles of indiana jones hats with text indiana jones hats & caps

Indiana Jones Licensed Headwear is available at US Wings.  Let this officially licensed Indiana Jones Cap be the inspiration for your next great escape or your faithful companion on your next big adventure. Now’s the time to pick up one of these outstanding ball caps before the scheduled July 2022  release of Indiana Jones 5! […]

US Wings Indy-Jacket Headquarters

the guide to indiana jones special collectors edition magazine and life indiana jones magazine over a us wings cooper original indy jacket

As the excitement builds for the 5th Indiana Jones movie, US Wings is your Indy-Jacket Headquarters.  US Wings has long been known for it’s  Authentic Indy-Style Jackets.  The “Indy-Style” jacket is an integral part of the famous fedora-wearing, bullwhip-toting, tomb-raiding professor of archaeology. As a result of a hybrid of the Type 440 and the […]

Secrets of Indiana Jones Jacket

Life indiana jones magazine

There are many Secrets of Indiana Jones Jacket.  Inspired by jackets worn by Alan Ladd and Charlton Heston, the jacket was designed to make Indy tough but fragile.  A professor of Archaeology who is soft but intellectual.   Above all the color is brown, warm, inviting and approachable. The Jacket Originally conceived by Neil Cooper, the […]

Cooper Original Limited Edition labels

us wings cooper original labels

US Wings has Cooper Original Limited Edition labels.  When you order one of our Cooper Original Indy-style Jackets, you can choose between our standard Cooper Original label or our limited 40th Anniversary Cooper Original label to be sewn into your jacket. These jackets are available in Vintage Cowhide, Cape Buffalo, Striated Lambskin, or Goatskin leather. […]