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USAAF Crush Caps

Two USAAF Crush Caps in Khaki and Dark Brown

Our USAAF Crush Caps are authentic reproductions of the classic “bomber pilot” headgear, worn by AAF pilots in Europe and the Pacific! “Crush caps” were actually the standard Army/AAF officer’s dress cap, worn by pilots and non-pilots alike, but pilots gave this cap their own unique twist. Normally, this cap had stiffeners (a support piece […]

USA-made MA-1 and CWU-45P Jackets

We’re proud to offer genuine USA-made MA-1 and CWU-45P flight jackets made by an actual US government contractor! These iconic lightweight nylon flight jackets have protected US Military aviators from the cold, wind & rain for decades. They are now an established staple of civilian fashion. The materials and workmanship are of the highest quality […]


US Wings can now print any Division, Battalion, Company, or Platoon logo on your choice of colored masks. Helps promote team building and unit cohesion. We can provide masks for any Branch of the Military. (Minimum order: 100 pieces) We also handle Custom Protective Masks for Schools (Universities, High School, etc), Hospitals, Corporations (Large and […]

Commercial Grade Protective Mask-USA

American made Face Masks are now available from US Wings. We have cotton, two-ply, washable face mask in multiple colors. Made in Virginia USA. Commercial grade; these are perfect for corporations, universities, schools, police departments, government entities and active duty military.   Make a statement or advertise your brand with Custom Cloth Face Masks from […]

Leather Jackets Handmade in the USA

As the world’s leading Aviation apparel manufacture, US Wings recommends  Leather Jackets Handmade in the USA!  Leather Jackets are produced around the world, and it seems like most come from China, India, or the Mideast.   US Wings Signature Series jackets represents the finest of it type anywhere. Furthermore each jacket is the finest of its […]


  International Customers: Order from US Wings and have your item(s) shipped to your hotel!   If you’ll be visiting the USA in the near future and would like to purchase something from US Wings, order it ahead of time and we’ll ship it to your hotel! This will save you money on shipping fees […]

Cockpit® USA G-1 Flight Jacket w/ Removable Collar

The Cockpit® USA G-1 Flight Jacket w/ Removable Collar is a timeless classic that is manufactured to military specs. Made in the USA.

Color: Brown

Fit: Military (Trimmer in shoulders and torso. For a more normal size or if you have broad shoulders, order a size larger.)

NOTE: Please allow an additional 7-10 business days for shipment.

US Wings USA Logo Cap

US Wings USA Logo Cap

Our US Wings USA cap is a great way to show your American Pride and also your support for a veteran-owned business! Looks great on men, women & kids. The US Wings USA Logo Cap features: “US WINGS/USA” logo embroidered directly onto the front “American Pride” & a US flag embroidered onto the rear Adjustable […]

USAAF WWII Flyboy Patch

The USAAF WWII Flyboy Patch features: “U.S. ARMY AIR CORPS” Embroidered across the top USAAF logo embroidered in center “WWII FLYBOY” embroidered across the bottom Colors: Dark Blue, Navy Blue, White, Red, and Yellow Size: 6″ x 3″

Signature Series Vintage Cowhide Adventurer Jacket

Signature Series Vintage Cowhide Indy-Style Adventurer Jacket

This vintage Adventurer jacket is constructed from special pre-distressed cowhide leather from the same tannery that supplied the leather to the on-screen jackets worn by the star of the fourth Indy movie. Made in the USA.  

Fit: Full Cut (Slightly oversized. If you want a looser fit, order your normal size. If you want a normal fit, order a size smaller.)

Signature Series™ US Navy Flight Jacket G-1

The G-1 has been worn with pride by naval aviators since WWII and symbolizes their status as elite flyers; ours are made from premium goatskin leather to exacting USN specs and are genuine US Military issue. Made in the USA.

Fit: Military (Trimmer in shoulders and torso. For a more normal size or if you have broad shoulders, order a size larger.)

NEW! Add Hand Painted Artwork to your jacket!

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US Navy Iraqi Freedom Veteran Mug

US Navy Iraqi Freedom Veteran Mug

The US Navy Iraqi Freedom Veteran Mug is a high quality mug. It’s a perfect for your favorite hot or cold beverage! The mug is microwave, dishwasher and UV safe. An Officially licensed item. It makes a great gift. Made in the USA. The US Navy Iraqi Freedom Veteran Mug features: US Navy Insignia Iraqi […]

USAF Challenge Coin

USAF Challenge Coin

This high quality substantial USAF challenge coin is antique finished then enameled and baked for lasting beauty & durability; the front features the USAF insignia while the back features a US flag and a space for engraving.

US Air Force Woman Veteran Cap

The US Air Force Woman Veteran Cap is a comfortable cap that shows a lot of pride. Add it to your collection. The US Air Force Woman Veteran Cap features: 100% Cotton “WOMAN VETERAN” embroidered on the brim US Air Force Logo embroidered on the front Woman Warrior logo embroidered on the side “WOMAN VETERAN” […]